Our Mission

Gateway Classical Music Society was founded to foster excitement, appreciation and popularity for classical music by presenting performances designed to achieve impact and intimacy, and to provide opportunities for artists to develop their skills and careers.

Our Philosophy

We are an organization dedicated to bringing the thrill of great classical music performances to audiences in city and suburban neighborhoods everywhere - not just in the rarified precincts of large metropolitan concert halls, but in houses of worship, theaters and other intimate settings. Gateway presents high quality concerts of large music works, (opera, symphony, oratorio) and highlights thereof, with intensity and visceral impact.

Our aim is to make classical music works of art more accessible to the public at large. We believe there is great public hunger for the fruits of profound artistic genius, irrespective of labels like ''classical.'' An example from the world of visual art illustrates this point: In 1995, the National Gallery of Art in Washington D.C. presented a retrospective exhibition of masterpieces by Johannes Vermeer. People from all walks of life began lining up to see the paintings at 5:00 a.m. - 5:00 in the morning! In Germany, audiences hail the Berlin Philharmonic with the ebullient enthusiasm that American audiences lavish on rock and roll stars. Gateway believes that we can make a difference in building that kind of popularity for classical music in America.
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